class pygplates.ResolveTopologyParameters

Bases: Boost.Python.instance

Specify parameters used to resolve topologies.

New in version 0.31.

__init__([enable_strain_rate_clamping=False][, max_clamped_strain_rate=5e-15])

Create the parameters used to resolve topologies.

  • enable_strain_rate_clamping (bool) – Whether to enable clamping of strain rate. This is useful to avoid excessive extension/compression in deforming networks (depending on how the deforming networks were built). Defaults to False.

  • max_clamped_strain_rate (float) – Maximum total strain rate (in units of 1/second). This is only used if enable_strain_rate_clamping is true. Clamping strain rates also limits derived quantities such as crustal thinning and tectonic subsidence. The total strain rate includes both the normal and shear components of deformation. Default value is 5e-15 1/second.

Enable strain rate clamping for a topological model to avoid excessive crustal stretching factors:

topological_model = pygplates.TopologicalModel(
    default_resolve_topology_parameters = pygplates.ResolveTopologyParameters(enable_strain_rate_clamping = True))



Create the parameters used to resolve topologies.