1. Global Functions

1.1. reconstruct(recon_files, rotation_files, time, anchor_plate_id, output_file)

Reconstruct reconstructable and rotaion files. Support three three output file formats ".xy(gmt)", ".shp(shapefile)" and ".gmt(OGRGMT)".

1.2. register(object)

During GPlates' start-up, all the "register()" functions in Python script files are called. Use this function to register your Python script.

2. Application

2.1. register_draw_style(object)

Register a Draw Style plugin with GPlates. The Draw Style plugin should be an instance of a Python class in which a "get_style(self, feature, style)" function has been defined.

2.2. feature_collections()

Return a list of feature collections, which currently have been loaded into GPlates.

2.3. get_loaded_files()

Return a list of file names, which currently have been opened by GPlates.

2.4. current_time()

Return current reconstruction time as float number.

3. Colour

3.1. Colour(red, green, blue, alpha)

Construct a colour with the given red, green and blue components.

The parameters represent the percentage of red, green and blue in the resulting colour. They should be in the range [0.0 - 1.0] inclusive.

Values outside this range will not be clamped, since OpenGL does its own clamping.

Static members:

  • blue

  • red

  • white

  • black

  • green

  • grey

  • silver

  • purple

  • yellow

  • navy

4. DrawStyle

Currently, DrawStyle only contains a public member "colour". However it is essential in colouring geometries.

Users can set colour like this:

5. Feature

5.1. begin_time()

Return "feature begin time" as float number.

5.2. end_time()

Return "feature end time" as float number.

5.3. feature_id()

Return "feature id" as a string.

5.4. feature_type()

Return "feature type" as a string.

5.5. get_all_property_names()

Return a list of names(strings) of all properties contained in this feature.

5.6. get_properties()

Return all properties in this feature as a list of strings.

5.7. get_properties_by_name(name)

Given a property name, return all properties as a list of strings in this feature which bear this name.

5.8. plate_id()

Return "plate id" as a integer.

5.9. valid_time()

Return "start time" and "end time" together as a tuple. The t[0] is the "start time", t[1] is "end time".

6. FeatureCollection

6.1. size()

Return the number of features contained in this feature collection.

6.2. features()

Return a list of Feature contained in this feature collection.

7. Palette

7.1. get_color(key)

Given a PaletteKey, return a Colour object.

8. PaletteKey

8.1. PaletteKey(int)

Construct a PaletteKey object from a integer.

8.2. PaletteKey(float)

Construct a PaletteKey object from a float number.

8.3. PaletteKey(str)

Construct a PaletteKey object from a string.