class pygplates.XsString

Bases: pygplates.PropertyValue

A property value that represents a string. The ‘Xs’ prefix is there since this type of property value is associated with the XML Schema Instance Namespace.


Create a string property value from a string.

Parameters:string (string) – the string
string_property = pygplates.XsString(string)


__init__(string) Create a string property value from a string.
accept_visitor(visitor) Accept a property value visitor so that it can visit this property value.
clone() Create a duplicate of this property value (derived) instance, including a recursive copy of any nested property values that this instance might contain.
get_geometry() Extracts the geometry if this property value contains a geometry.
get_string() Returns the string.
get_value([time=0]) Extracts the value, of this possibly time-dependent property value, at the reconstruction time.
set_string(string) Sets the string.

Returns the string.

Return type:string

Sets the string.

Parameters:string (string) – the string