What is AuScope?

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GPlates development by the EarthByte Project is part of the AuScope infrastructure-development programme. AuScope Ltd is a non-profit company formed to facilitate the implementation of a world-class infrastructure system for earth science, funded by the Australian Government under the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS).

The EarthByte Project participates in one of the components of the AuScope programme:

As part of this participation, GPlates developers at the EarthByte Project collaborate with other AuScope project, including:

GPlates in Simulation, Analysis & Modelling (SAM)

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The goal of the Simulation, Analysis & Modelling (SAM) component is to build a toolkit of simulation, modelling, inversion and data mining tools.

The EarthByte Project participates in the AuScope Modelling & Simulation component to develop GPlates to provide kinematic surface-constraints for geodynamic simulation software such as the widely-used, open-source, spherical mantle-convection package CitComS and the next-generation AuScope-funded mantle-convection package Underworld.