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The Developers of GPlates

GPlates is developed by an international team of scientists and professional software developers at:

The Geodynamics Team at the Geological Survey of Norway (NGU) have contributed to GPlates in the past.

Mailing Lists

GPlates-announce : A read-only list that you can subscribe to if you are only interested in release notices and other important news regarding GPlates software.

Online Community Forum

GPlates Online Community Forum : An online forum to discuss topics related to GPlates software. This new online forum has replaced the old GPlates-discuss mailing list.

Email Us!

For scientific or organisational queries...

  • If you have any questions about the science of GPlates or the participation of the University of Sydney, email GPlates project director Dietmar Müller at: dietmar**au
  • If you have any questions about the linkage with geodynamic models or the participation of Caltech, email Michael Gurnis at: gurnis*@gps.caltech.*edu

For technical issues or queries about GPlates software development...

  • If you have any questions about the GPlates software development roadmap or potential development collaboration, email GPlates lead programmer John Cannon at: john**au


Issue 3 -- March 2015

Issue 2 -- April 2014

Issue 1 -- October 2013