GPlates 1.1.1 released

GPlates 1.1.1 released

Many bugs were fixed in version 1.1.1:-

  • Added back missing age-grid smoothing of raster reconstruction.
  • Fixed a number of issues with session save/restore of pre-1.1 sessions.
  • Fixed a number of focused feature highlights issues including:

    • Losing highlight when reconstruction time changes.
    • Other geometries associated with focused feature not getting highlighted.
  • Fixed a number of problems building/editing topologies:

    • Topological sections not getting inserted.
    • Incorrect auto-segment reversal.
    • Inability to add same topological section more than once to topological boundary.
    • Inability to add point geometries to boundary of topological network.
  • Fixed a few update issues including:

    • Globe not updating after changing the anchor Plate ID.
    • Resolved topological boundaries not updated after editing a boundary feature's geometry.
  • Filled polygons related fixes include:

    • 'Fill polygons' option toggling wrong layer.
    • Filled polygons rendered as square tiles for high zoom levels.
    • Small improvement in rendering speed.
  • A few export related issues including:

    • Not exporting full motion path.
    • Option to export resolved topologies to OGRGMT format removed (not supported).
    • OGRGMT format now supports option to export to a single file.
    • Resolved topologies not exporting when only "Export each Plate Polygon to a separate file" checkbox is ticked.
    • Missing export of topological network boundaries.
    • Inappropriate default directory for exported files.
    • Exporting a single snapshot now does not modify current animation range.
  • A couple of feature creation bugs fixed:

    • Fixed incorrectly creating a conjugate isochron feature when creating a mid-ocean ridge feature is created.
    • Fixed incorrectly adding a 'reconstruction' plate ID and conjugate plate ID to a new mid-ocean ridge feature.

GPlates 1.1.1 compiles and runs on Windows 7/Vista/XP, Linux and MacOS X. Download GPlates 1.1.1 from the Download page.

GPlates-compatible data have been made available. For more information, see the Download page.