GPlates 1.2 released

GPlates 1.2 released

What's new in version 1.2:-

  • New Small Circle tool:

    • Create small circles directly on the globe or map using the mouse.
    • Create small circles by specifying the centre and radii, and generating the centre from a stage pole if desired.
    • Create small circle features which can be: exported to gpml, imported from gpml, and visualised as a layer.
    • Query and edit small cirles through the Click Feature canvas tool.
  • The Total Reconstruction Sequence dialog has been extended to allow:

    • Creation, editing and deletion of Total Reconstuction Sequences (TRSs).
    • Saving TRSs to existing rotation files, or to a new rotation file.
  • Rasters can now be visualized in the map views:

    • Supports all raster variations (reconstructed, time-dependent, age-grid and combinations of these).
  • Raster opacity (and intensity) can be adjusted per layer to control semi-transparency.
  • Python colouring (see user manual for details):

    • Power users can create/register their own Python colouring scripts.
    • Can use preliminary Python Application Programming Interface (API) to query feature properties.
  • Option to dateline wrap Shapefiles when saving and exporting.
  • New Log dialog displays low-level debug, warning and error messages.
  • New Preferences dialog provides an interface to view and modify settings and parameters used in GPlates.
  • Improved interactivity for very high resolution rasters (eg, approx. 1 minute resolution).

    • New GPlates raster streaming tiled file format (files ending with ".gplates.cache").
  • Clone Geometry tool can clone topological plate polygons.
  • The Calculate Rotation Pole tool has its field automatically filled from an already-selected pmag VGP.
  • Fixed slow saving to Shapefiles.
  • Fixed rotation taking the longer path around a pole on rare occasions.
  • Fixed holes appearing in large filled polygons.
  • Fixed extremely long running time for Assign Plate ID assignment.
  • Fixed exponential loading times when restoring many files during a session restore.
  • ... Plus a number of other improvements and bug fixes.

GPlates 1.2 compiles and runs on Windows 7/Vista/XP, Linux and MacOS X. Download GPlates 1.2 from the Download page.

GPlates-compatible data have been made available. For more information, see the Download page.