GPlates 1.4 released

GPlates 1.4 released

What's new in version 1.4:-

  • Export numerical and colour reconstructed rasters:
    • Exports each visible raster layer to a separate raster file.
      • User specified latitude/longitude export region and pixel resolution.
    • Numerical export writes floating-point data:
      • Supported raster formats: NetCDF, GMT NetCDF, GeoTIFF and Erdas Imagine.
      • Standard use of not-a-number (NaN) for pixels not covered by reconstructed raster.
    • Colour export:
      • New supported colour raster formats: GeoTIFF and Erdas Imagine.
      • Uses per-layer colour palette as needed.
      • Includes surface relief lighting.
  • Import raster improvements:
    • New import raster formats: ERMapper, Erdas Imagine and GeoTIFF.
    • Imports georeferencing from source raster file.
    • Supports inbuilt raster spatial reference system:
      • Includes projections (for example, Lambert Conformal Conic).
    • Improved performance when importing very large rasters and displaying in 2D map views.
  • New Move Pole canvas tool:
    • Supports Modify Reconstruction Pole canvas tool:
      • by allowing user to specify location of pole used for rotation adjustments.
    • Drag pole location with mouse or enter text coordinates.
    • Optionally constrain pole location to moving/fixed stage pole of clicked feature.
      • Includes tracking stage pole over time.
  • Velocity smoothing near plate boundaries.
  • Mid-ocean ridges:
    • Supports spreading asymmetry.
    • More accurate half-stage rotation.
      • Needed in some rare cases.
  • Volume visualisation of 3D scalar fields (continued early preview functionality):
    • To be officially released in GPlates 1.5.
    • This release (1.4) adds preview functionality (since 1.3) available to advanced users:
      • Requires the "--enable-scalar-field-import" command-line switch to enable scalar field import.
      • For example, "cd C:\Program Files (x86)\GPlates\GPlates 1.4.0" and "gplates-1.4.0.exe --enable-scalar-field-import".
      • Enables menu item 'File -> Import -> Import 3D Scalar Field...'
    • Preliminary support for 'regional' (non-global) scalar fields.
    • Colour palette improvements:
      • Optionally remap scalar/gradient palette range.
      • Adjust range using mean and standard deviation of scalar field.
    • Supports transparent colours for isosurface and cross sections.

...and other changes listed in the CHANGELOG file in the GPlates source-code releases.

GPlates 1.4 compiles and runs on Windows 7/8/8.1, Linux and MacOS X. Download GPlates 1.4 from the Download page.

GPlates-compatible data have been made available. For more information, see the Download page.