GPlates 1.5 released

GPlates 1.5 released

What's new in version 1.5:-

  • Projects:
    • Save and restore your sessions with project files.
  • New kinematics tool:
    • Displays table of latitude, longitude, velocity, and velocity-related quantities for a given lat-lon point, plate ID, and range of times.
    • Displays graph of above quantities against time.
    • Exports table to text file.
    • Kinematic tool settings dialog to change details of the velocity calcliations.
    • Kinematic tool settings are saved in user preferences.
    • Auto-fills point data from focussed feature.
    • Auto-fills time ranges from animation settings.
  • Import and export GeoJSON format feature collections.

...and other changes listed in the CHANGELOG file in the GPlates source-code releases.

GPlates 1.5 compiles and runs on Windows 7/8/8.1, Linux and MacOS X. Download GPlates 1.5 from the Download page.

GPlates-compatible data have been made available. For more information, see the Download page.